Fountain Pen Network 2017 52+ Inks Weekly Community Ink Project

Join us in our 2017 community ink project! The project post can be found here.


Q: What do I need to do?
A: It’s simple:
1. Check out the theme of each week. Choose a suitable ink to ink up one of your pens.
2. Write with it, draw with it, doodle with it, splash with it, anything you like!
3. Share what you write. You can take pics or scans and share them on the corresponding thread (Amber and I are going to start a new thread on the Co-Razy-Views subforum), or more ideally, mail your writings or drawing in letters and exchange them!

Q: Do I have to participate in all 52 projects?
A: No you don’t. Take part whenever you want to!

Q: I don’t have an ink for the theme of the week!
A: Don’t worry. If you don’t have any suitable choice, just write with any other ink you want!

Q: Does that mean I can only use one ink for the whole week?
A: Of course not! That’d be cruel! Our project means you will ink up one pen with an ink according to our theme, and of course you can use any ink in any other pen you have!

Q: I have several choices for that week, I can’t decide!
A: Why not choose all of them?

Q: Do I have to make a choice on Sunday/Monday?
A: No, just any day of that week.

Q: What are these themes?
A: The themes are made up by me and other friends on FPN. See the list below.

Q: What do I do with the writing samples?
A: Anything you want! Keep them in the diary, publish a book, show them to your ink-muggle friends, burn them (I advise against that), show pics of them on the corrsponding thread (note that our weekly threads will be opened on Co-Razy-Views subforum, not here), mail them as CRVs to friends on the forum…

Q: Where did you get this idea from?
A: Actually I got the idea from the Scent of the day – Friday community projects on, where each Friday everyone chooses a perfume according to a given theme.

Weekly Themes

Modified Themes Updated Dec./27/2016

Week 1 / 1 Jan: Happy New Year
Use an ink that’ll bring you good luck for the new year.

Week 2 / 8 Jan: Throw of the Dice
Close your eyes and pick a random ink from your stash.

Week 3 / 15 Jan: When Old Loves Rekindle
Use an ink you once loved but somehow ignored for a long time.

Week 4 / 22 Jan: Red Packets Please
It’s Lunar New Year this weekend. Use a red ink (especially a festive one) to celebrate with Asian friends!

Week 5 / 29 Jan: New Kid on the Block
Use your most recent purchase.

Week 6 / 5 Feb: Go Large
Choose the largest bottle from your collection. If there are several of the same size, choose any one (or all of them).

Week 7 / 12 Feb: Week of Love
Happy Valentine’s Day. Choose an ink you’ll use to write love letters.

Week 8 / 19 Feb: Iron-gall Week.
Use an iron-gall ink.

Week 9 / 26 Feb: Raining Dyes and Pigments
Use the wettest ink in your collection.

Week 10 / 5 Mar: Show Us Where You Live
Pick an ink that says something about where you live (climate, geography, food…): e.g. red brick houses, desert brown, luscious green forests, deep blue glacial lakes, slate blue harbour, and so on. (Thank you evyxmsj for the idea.)

Week 11 / 12 Mar: Bling-bling Week
Choose an ink with shiny particles in it to celebrate Holi Festival in India. (Thanks mehandiratta!)

Week 12 / 19 Mar: Inkuinox #1
Spring has come. Use a colour that represents spring for you. If you’re living in the southern hemisphere, choose an autumn colour. (Thank you LizEF for the title.)

Week 13 / 26 Mar: I Solemnly Swear I’m Up To No Good
Celebrate the upcoming April Fool’s Day. Use any ink that you find to be fun.

Week 14 / 2 Apr: $nk
Use your most expensive ink.

Week 15 / 9 Apr: Oh My Eyes!
Use the brightest, most vibrant, most retina-searing ink you have. (Bonus points for writing a letter with it to Amberlea!)

Week 16 / 16 Apr: Iro, Iro, Iro
Use a Japanese ink.

Week 17 / 23 Apr: Dear Ink-abler
Use an ink or sample that’s been gifted to you.

Week 18 / 30 Apr: May the Force Be with You
May the Force be with you! Interpret that in whichever way you want.

Week 19 / 7 May: Week of Europe
Choose an ink from Europe, or a colour that represents Europe.

Week 20 / 14 May: Anything with M
Use an ink that contains “m” in the name.

Week 21 / 21 May: Last But Not Least
Sort the names of your inks alphabetically and use the last one.

Week 22 / 28 May: Sub-aquatic
Waterproof ink: use a waterproof ink. Or the most water-resistant ink you have.

Week 23 / 4 Jun: It’s Not That I Don’t Love You
Use an ink you’ve never used, or the one you’ve used the least.

Week 24 / 11 Jun: My Preciousssss
Use a limited edition ink, an exclusive ink, or your most treasured bottle.

Week 25 / 18 Jun: We Have Your Inks
Pick an ink you’d write ransom notes with. (Idea from bone215.)

Week 26 / 25 Jun: Elements in Ink
Choose an ink that represents an element in the periodic table. (Thank you migo984!)

Week 27 / 2 Jul: Ink-dependence
Choose a blue ink and a red ink to celebrate Independence Day with our American friends. Bonus points for using American inks.

Week 28 / 9 Jul: Liberté, égalité, fraternité
National Day in France this week. Use a French ink.

Week 29 / 16 Jul: One Small Step for a Man
Celebrate our first Moon landing on July 20th 1969 with grey inks or any ink that reminds you of the Moon. (Thank you dcwaites for the idea!)

Week 30 / 23 Jul: Chemists Rule
Express our love for our chemists by using an ink from a brand founded by a chemist: KWZI, Noodler’s, L’Artisan Pastellier Callifolio, De Atramentis, Organics Studio, etc.

Week 31 / 30 Jul: Be Done with It
Finish one of your samples or bottles. Or pick one that has the least amount left.

Week 32 / 6 Aug: Love/Hate
Mix an ink you love and an ink you dislike at 1:1 ratio.

Week 33 / 13 Aug: Umbra Rumba
Week of shades. Use an ink that shades a lot.

Week 34 / 20 Aug: The Fifth Element
Choose an ink that represents either air, earth, fire or water. Bonus points for four inks for all four of them! (Thank you migo984!)

Week 35 / 27 Aug: True Love
Use your favourite ink.

Week 36 / 3 Sep: Charlie the Unit of Sheen
Celebrate the birthday of Charlie Sheen with the sheeniest ink you have.

Week 37 / 10 Sep: Faster (drying), Higher (sheen), Stronger (shading)
Colours of Olympics. (Idea from evyxmsj.)

Week 38 / 17 Sep: Inkuinox #2
Autumn equinox this week. Use a colour of Autumn. If it’s spring where you live, it’s colour of spring for you!

Week 39 / 24 Sep: Undiluted Love
Use the least saturated ink in your collection.

Week 40 / 1 Oct: Arigato, Ishimaru
Pay homage to the ink master of Sailor (and our longest post on FPN) by using a Sailor ink.

Week 41 / 8 Oct: Ink and Match
Pick an ink that matches your favourite piece of clothing or accessory. (Thank you migo984!)

Week 42 / 15 Oct: Breast Cancer Awareness Month
Choose a pink ink. If you don’t have a pink, maybe a red or a magenta?

Week 43 / 22 Oct: Lights of Diwali
Diwali week: Celebrate the festival of lights with our Indian friends! (Idea from mehandiratta.)

Week 44 / 29 Oct: Trick or Treat
Happy Halloween!

Week 45 / 5 Nov: My Significant Other
Use an ink that has a special meaning to you.

Week 46 / 12 Nov: Rock That Colour!
Saturation week: use the most saturated ink you have.

Week 47 / 19 Nov: Black Ink Friday
Choose a black ink for Black Friday.

Week 48 / 26 Nov: I’m Going to Sahara
Use the driest ink from your collection.

Week 49 / 3 Dec: First Come First Served
Use the oldest bottle of ink you have.

Week 50 / 10 Dec: Kill Winter with Orange
Kill winter with orange! (If it’s summer where you live, kill the heat with aqua/turquoise/blue/mint!)

Week 51 / 17 Dec: Thanks for the Memory
Pick an ink that reminds you of your favourite music, book, film or character. (Thanks migo984.)

Week 52 / 24 Dec: Happy Holidays!
Celebrate the end of a good year and the beginning of a new one.

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