Fountain Pen Network 2018 Monthly Ink Combo Community Project

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January: Perfect Match

Pick two or more inks that you think look great together.


February: Hangin’ in the Shade

A combination of shading inks.


March: Seasonal Combo: Spring/Autumn

At the time of spring/autumn equinox, choose a combination of colours of spring or autumn.


April: Coord-ink-ation

Slightly different this month: match your ink to your pen. Of course you are welcome to use and match more than one pen.


May: Colours of Nature

Choose an ink combo depicting the nature: sea, sky, mountain, desert, snow, sunset, grass, flowers, etc.


June: Warm vs Cold

A combination of warm and cold colours.


July: My Favourites

Match two or more inks you really like.


August: Complementary Colours

A combination of complementary colours.


September: Inspired by You

Use inks you’ve seen other members use in the past months.


October: Similar Names

Choose two or more inks with similar names. Are they similar in colours as well?


November: Clash of the Colours

Use two inks that so do NOT look good together.


December: Seasonal Combo: Winter/Summer

Winter/Summer has come. Show us a combination of wintry/summery colours.

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